Okapi Olifant

Okapi Olifant 3.0

Work with translation history data for documents

Load or import translation history from text files. Work with standard TMX and automatically process tabbed information, change the attributes of individual translation units, check associations with other items, etc. Save or export the processed data.

Olifant is a .NET application that allows you to load or import translation memories in different formats (such as TMX or tab-delimited). You can edit the translation units, their attributes and any other associated data. Olifant allows you to save or export your data in various formats.
The tool provide a table-driven interface to easily navigate through the translation memory. It offers functions such as flagging duplicates, search and replacing text using regular expressions, filtering the entries based on various criteria, merging other TMs into an existing one, exporting part of the TM, and many other utilities.

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